• Atlgal

    Eaves doesn’t know what he’s talking about “Seventy percent of the homeless population is mentally ill,” Eaves said.” – but giving factually inaccurate data seems to be a trend in politics these days. The REAL fact is that only about 20% of the homeless population have mental health or drug/alcohol issues. There are almost 13,000 homeless in GA and the VAST majority of homeless are NEVER on the street, are family units that include children, are not criminals, and have simply fallen on hard times. The people being referred to in this conversation, wandering the street and being disruptive, may or may not be homeless and yes, THEY often have mental health or drug/alcohol problems but they are a minority of the homeless population.
    The REAL issue is that FULTON County, where Eaves is Commission Chair, has the charter and mandate to provide social services of the type needed to address homelessness but repeatedly fails to provide the services and resources needed to address chronic street homelessness in the county and deflects responsibility to the City of Atlanta. Its shameful!