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Dan Whisenhunt
Dan Whisenhunt

About Dan Whisenhunt, Editor:

Email: editor@decaturish.com

Phone: 404-542-2562

I’m an Alabama boy who moved to Atlanta in 2011. I founded Decaturish.com in 2013.

I cut my teeth as a journalist with the Anniston Star in Anniston, Ala. I spent four wonderful years there, three as a reporter and one as an assistant editor. After that, I worked at the Times Free Press in Chattanooga, Tenn. as the county government reporter. From there, I moved to Reporter Newspapers in Sandy Springs, Ga., where I worked as assistant editor and digital content manager.

I started Decaturish.com in May 2013 as a personal project, done in my spare time. Our page views grew more quickly than I expected and we’ve become a trusted source for local news. I am working to develop a sustainable online-only revenue model that will provide local journalism free of charge to residents in the Atlanta metro area.

I started my company with some basic ideas in mind:

– I want to promote responsible content creation, meaning that we will never ask our contributors to produce content for free.

– I want to create a site where our contributors will almost never hear the word “no” when they want to try something new. News should be interesting and innovative.

– I want a news product that strives to provide the same transparency we expect of our government.

– I want a news product that’s always accountable to its readers. Without you, we wouldn’t exist.

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