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Jeff Cochran, Publisher & Editor

Jeff Cochran

Jeff is the current ad sales director for Decaturish who has a lengthy publishing resume.

In the ’70s he wrote for The Great Speckled Bird, Creative Loafing and The Atlanta Gazette. From the mid ’70s until the early ’80s, he was the Regional Advertising Director for Peaches Records and Tapes. In 1981 he began a 27-year career in advertising at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Since then he has served as the Advertising Director at Arts Atl and Decaturish. He is also a contributing editor to Like the Dew and Beatlefan magazine.

Contact Jeff at editor@atlantaloop.com



Ellie Ritter, Assistant Editor 

Ellie Ritter is an honors student at the University of Georgia, where she’s studying journalism and graphic design. She also plays the oboe in a woodwind quintet and is a member of UGA’s Association for Computing Machinery. For the past year, Ellie has written for Decaturish and Atlanta Loop, writing about neat events and even neater people throughout Atlanta.




Heather Karellas, contributor

Heather Karellas is a Decatur resident and an enthusiast for all things local, especially good food and drinks. While she spent her childhood in Massachusetts, she’s lived in metro Atlanta for nearly two decades. Her freelance work includes writing and editing for a variety of clients including major corporations such as Georgia-Pacific as well as smaller, family-owned companies and individuals.

In her “day job,” she works as Development Director at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Heather is also the Curriculum Coordinator for The Homestead Atlanta. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School (double major in History). Her hobbies include running, hiking, making dad jokes, and spending time with her dog and “beer nerd” husband. You can find out more about Heather and her work at www.heatherkarellas.com.



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