• cqholt

    Nathaniel Smith wants to steal Atlanta Transit Sales Tax revenue and divert it to his non profit. #handsoffmyMARTA

    • I’m all for better transit funding, but we need more affordable (owner-occupied) housing in Atlanta. Atlanta is become a place where everyone is renting and no one (of color) is able to buy unless you are just lucky. Most black folks do not purchase homes or property (unless they are business-savy or an Atlanta native) within Atlanta city limits because it is too un-affordable or too much a financial risk and liability for many young families to purchase a fixer-upper, so they move to suburbs. Housing equity for black Atlantans should be priority because most white Atlantans (native or non-native) can afford or has easier access to low interest mortgages.

  • Hmmm… sounds like to me another recycled face in leadership in a place (that shouldn’t exist). I guess Paul Morris had to take the fall for the affordable housing debacle. Interesting…