• Ed Williams

    Emory Annexation

    I am not buying the marketing rationale. It seems to me that Emory University already has the address and the Atlanta name association without being in Atlanta. Emory University already has its own police/security force. and I thought DeKalb had some seats on the Marta board. What is the demographics and how would Emory impact Atlanta elections in the future? How much sales tax revenue would DeKalb lose?

    Emory recognizes the changing Atlanta landscape. Home Rule, States’ vs City rights’. This is an opportunity for Emory to realign itself for the next 100 years,

    It will be more difficult to plan and manage the transportation, educational, and health needs of the region as we continue to create separate governments. It is Ironic that as metro Atlanta continues to grow, the region is continuing to divide up and segment itself. While places like Athens, Macon, Columbus, and Augusta have unified their governments. Georgia has more counties and cities than any other southern state except Texas.