• jo

    HIGHER TAXES and lower service levels come with CofA. Sen Parent, residents and land owners should have an easy path to de-annexation, There are many residents who would petition to leave CofA and other high tax cities for the county if the legislature would act. This goes for friends of mine in Gwinnett and Cobb. Why do we continually harm the unincoproated homeowner to benefit the incorporated non-homeowner?

    • Temotu

      Agree. It should be just as easy to opt out as to opt in.

  • RAJ

    Sad part of this story is that promises made by Emory in the past are being broken to promote the interest of Emory Inc. Business is the first priority and the neighborhoods have no complaint as they gave up the opportunity to control their own destiny when they voted NO on LaVista Hills. Mary Kay gets the last laugh on this one!

    • BackToTheFuture

      Truer words have never been said, RAJ. City of Briarcliff proponents still held hope that Emory would fall in line. And Mary Kay now on DeKalb Planning Commission. Payback is hell.

  • Be_Skeptical

    If this is what it takes to bring the rail line to the Clifton Corridor then I’m all for it. DeKalb residents will benefit as well if the Clifton Gridlock and pollution are reduced.