• Mikele Deziell

    The Democratic party continues to be the number one divider of America. I changed parties to support Trump because I want charges. The Dems just don’t want any part and continue to hamper America. Discusting.

    • SB

      You are not an intelligent person.

      Great piece Dan.

  • gregps

    Lewis called our president illegitimate – sounds racist coming from a civil rights icon. Replace Trump with Obama and you understand why. Lewis is ignoring millions of people who are hurting. Many such people who voted for both President Obama and President Trump. Democrats should stop race baiting and divide and rule tactics before they lose the House, Senate and Presidency for another 4 years.

    • Nick Rowley

      In order to do the swapsie you suggest you’ll also have to have Obama do all the same actions which led Lewis to his descision.

  • Cheryl Martin

    What world do you live in? Atlanta IS crime ridden. Although, there are many wonderful people who live in this city and it has a substantial historic background, just because its history is strong and remarkable does not mean that it doesn’t have many, many issues. People are afraid to get out and pump gas. That is just one point that is being discussed daily, not to mention the numerous home invasions, bodies being found stuffed in trashcans, one of the largest areas for sex and heroin trafficking in the country, etc. Get real. Atlanta is crime ridden ranked #6 most dangerous US city with a violent crime rate of 1,433/100k residents (Forbes) and AJC said 2015 data shows there has been a 24% increase year over year in violent crimes. And according to the latest FBI report, Atlanta had the 14th worst violent crime rate in 2015. Don’t even get me started on the homelessness situation. Now let me quantify my response to this article. I am a native Atlantan. I love this city. I have lived many places, but always came back here.Just because we have some great people who want to make a change, doesn’t mean it is there yet. And to just say “He’s not my President” is not only dumb but unpatriotic. We are all in the same country and we should all be hoping for his success. His success is our country’s success. Trump is bring attacked unrelentingly before he’s even been sworn in. The people elected him, now give him a chance to govern and as he does so judge him on his achievements and his policy, not his party. He was legitimately elected under a long established process. Just because he wasn’t your vote doesn’t mean that he wasn’t voted in rightfully. Get over it and start doing good. Not encouraging division. Our neighbors, even those with different political beliefs, are not our enemies. We need to unite so that we can all come together to make a change for good on the issues that are real.

  • RAJ

    At the risk of being banned from posting for saying anything about thin skinned democrats….Brookhaven Post has already done so…..we are all having much difficulty adjusting to the new reality that the policies of the last eight years have left our once balanced society with much of the population(black, white,and brown) subsisting on food stamps and the upper 1% designing their next McMansion. The rapidly vanishing middle class finally said enough is enough….just not sure they picked the best candidate! We should be able to live thru this as moderation is sure to be in the offing; just that the local damage has been done by John Lewis. Better to just walk on by a mad dog than grab the nearest stick and start poking at the offensive beast! Atlanta and DeKalb will probably pay a high financial price for comments from John Lewis and some I have heard from incoming CEO Mike Thurmond.