• travelingfool

    Great observations and article! Love the line about you’ll be impacted, but not suffer.

    • Nicki Salcedo

      Instead of a school half a mile from my house, we will have to drive “across town.” The furthest distance across my town is 2 miles. I think we will survive.

  • Robert Reagin

    Liked the article. But if you have to change, could you consider changing to someone who more closely proofreads what he publishes.

    • Nicki Salcedo

      Agreed. Being human is very fatiguing. I strive to be a cyborg when possible. And it is “THEY publish” or “SHE publishes.” Thank you for reading!

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      • Nicki Salcedo

        Where is the subscribe or donate button for the Atlanta Loop? Support your local news!!

  • Paul Gonzalez

    These neighborhoods could use some fun for the adults there. I lived in Atlanta for a few years. The summers were really hot and my parents had a swing they bought out in the back hanging from the tree. I thought it was the most fun thing in the world. In honor of the fun we had in Atlanta I just got my wife a swing from treeswingstore.com/adulttreeswings/ and now I think of Atlanta, all the concrete and construction going on there, every day!