• Chrissy Sheets Weeks

    Urgh!!! But your sweet girl is brilliant!

    • Nicki Salcedo

      The only reason to have kids is that they make us better people. A smile and a wave is a good way to respond in most situations.

  • Wink

    “Picking up your child at the bus stop” is another one to add to the list of “offenses” committed by black people. Sigh…

    • Nicki Salcedo

      I’m pretty offensive. I love vegetable juice like spinach and cucumber, I laugh at puns, I obsessively talk about Star Trek, I say hello to people who pass me on the street, I love mornings, if I had a million dollars I would buy artwork, I like hikes around Stone Mountain. Basically, I’m a jerk.

  • underdogchamp

    Pretty disgusting that your neighbors’ irrational fear is impeding your enjoyment of your own neighborhood. What will it take to quell this kind of paranoia?

    • Nicki Salcedo

      The irony is that I’m not the “NEW” one in the neighborhood and it wouldn’t make it right even if I was.

  • Valerie Singer

    A beautifully written essay speaking to the damn reality that wearing your favorite comfy ratty looking shoes and meeting your kid at the bus stop are both “privileges” This is why most white folks don’t see their white privilege…. it is in the NORMAL not in privilege…. all the normal that POC can’t take for granted.