• underdogchamp

    Ragnorak was a lot of fun, no? I hate to say it but the frequency of mass shootings has begun to desensitize me to them. I remember telling my business partner last Mon that all traces of the Sutherland Sprs massacre would vanish from the news cycle by Fri. And it did. I grew up in rural S. GA and became fascinated with guns early in life. I was even a member of our high school’s JROTC precision shooting rifle team. We had an armory in our classroom where the rifles and ammo were stored. Our Marine Corps instructor kept the bolts to the rifles in his office under lock and key. Every Wednesday after school, we’d load our ammo boxes in class and sling our rifles and march down to the school bus so Major could drive us about 10 miles into the country where a man made berm waited to absorb our gunfire. Admittedly, I loved it. But now I wonder, was I being indoctrinated to the idea that the ubiquitous presence of guns is normal?