Have You Seen This Species Along The Beltline?

This October the Swifts are flying to South America but not before they spend a few months along the Beltline.

To be exact, the Swifts will be congregating around the chimney at Brickworks Gallery at 686A Greenwood Avenue.

Perhaps you’ve seen this species before. Chimney Swifts. They are similar to the Cliff Swallows, the Tree Swallows and the very stoic Northern Rough-winged Swallows. They are rather helpful to us humans, eating as many as 1,000 insects per-bird per-day. And anyone who has seen them fly will tell you the Swifts are aesthetically-inclined, performing dazzling aerial ballets. When they’re flying near by, you stop what you’re doing and just watch. They are that special.


Laura W. Adams’ building, Brickworks Gallery, is host to a large colony of Chimney Swifts during their summer season.  They will migrate to South America in October.  The swifts are a dramatic species to watch when they come home to roost at dusk, when they swirl around the industrial-era chimney before swooping inside for the night.  The next morning, they swirl in the opposite direction out of the chimney, then spend the entire day on the wing, eating insects.

Adams is joining with Atlanta Audubon to celebrate this species before its fall migration.  On September 26, the gallery will host an open house, where information about the Swifts will be available, as well as food and drink.  While waiting for the Swifts to come home, guests can view the abundance of bird-themed art Adams always has in the gallery. In fact, Adams has produced her own avian works of art with the “Audubon Interpretations,” a collection of paper collage creations. The exhibition had its world premiere in Atlanta in 2013 and over the next two years was presented in Charleston, New Orleans and Memphis.

Then at dusk, everything stops as the guests gather outside to watch the spectacle of the Swifts coming home for the night.

 More info about the event can be found at:


Right now, the swifts start swirling around 8:00-8:30 pm.